I enjoyed a holiday on the Isles of Orkney, 3 hours boat travel from the far north of Scotland.  It is a beautiful place, though a very long journey from the Midlands.  It's actually nearer to Norway than Scotland!

I have an old friend who lives there; her photos have been the inspiration behind several paintings that I have enjoyed creating.  

Stromness Harbour Cottages

16" x 12"
Oil on panel

Stromness Harbour Cottages.jpeg

Sunset on Orkney (Sold)

Orkney Sunset.jpeg

12" X 9.5"
Oil on panel

Evening walk in Stromness (SOLD)

Dry Dock on Orkney

Evening walk in Stromness.jpg
Dry dock on Orkney 2.jpg

16" X 12"
Oil on panel

Stormy Skies

Stormy skies on Orkney.jpg

The Last Barn