Recent Works


Most of the paintings you see below were created during 2020, many during the first lockdown (March-July).  All are views and scenes in Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Hope it makes you want to visit our picturesque town!

Daniels Mill, Bridgnorth 

17. Daniel's Mill.jpeg

Daniels Mill is a working water mill used for milling flour. It has the largest cast iron water mill in England, spanning 38 feet in diameter, and dating from the 19th century. The earliest reference of a mill on the site is from the late 15th century.

Severn Valley Viaduct - behind Daniel's Mill

The Severn Valley Railway line was completed in 1862, and stretched for a considerable distance, serving many small towns and villages in Shropshire and Worcestershire. In 1963 the line was closed, but was latterly restored and is now operated as a Heritage Railway.

20. Daniel's Mill Viaduct.jpg

Severn Valley Railway, Bridgnorth Station

19. Severn Valley Railway.jpg

The Severn Valley Railway is a preserved Steam Railway, running from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster, with many beautiful stops along the way. A picnic at Arley or Hampton Load is lovely, as well as a visit to the Engine House Museum at Highley station, where there are many interesting things to see. Hostelries at both Bridgnorth and Kidderminster stations provide welcome refreshment.

St Mary's Church - the iconic Thomas Telford church, viewed from Castle Walk

St Mary's Church is the main Parish Church in Bridgnorth. Built by the famous Victorian engineer Thomas Telford, who built many iconic buildings in the area, including the famous Iron bridge in Ironbridge, just a few miles down river from Bridgnorth. 

15. St Mary's Church.jpeg

St Mary's Steps - leading to Castle walk and St Mary's Church 

10. St Mary's Steps.jpg

There are many sets of steps in Bridgnorth, because the town is built on two sites - Low Town and High Town. This is St Mary's Steps, so called because it leads (via the Castle Walk) to St Mary's Church.  

The Bassa Villa garden - looking over

the River Severn

The Bassa Villa is a popular local hostelry on the river bank in Low Town. It is unusual to see the garden empty, but during lockdown they were shut, hence the empty benches.

18. Bassa Villa Garden.jpeg

Riverbank Geese - Low Town riverbank

13. Low Town Geese.jpg

There are many geese, ducks and swans, as well as seagulls and pigeons, who congregate on the banks of the River Severn at Bridgnorth. They enjoy being fed by visitors, which is how this group came to be at my feet - although I was trying to take their photo, not give them food!

Doctor's Lane

Doctor's Lane is a small road running alongside the river Severn. These lovely cottages sadly get flooded occasionally in a particularly wet winter. But other times of the year it's a delightful place to live.

3. Doctors Lane (2).jpg

Castle Gardens - in full bloom

6. Castle Gardens.jpeg

The Castle Gardens are in High Town, so called because they are in the grounds of the remains of the castle which was destroyed by the Parliamentarians in 1647.  There is just a large, leaning wall remaining of the castle, but the grounds have been cultivated to provide a beautiful park for the enjoyment of nature.

Wisteria Arbor, Castle Gardens

Also in the Castle Gardens, this beautiful walkway is near a central statue and fountain. 

9. Wisteria arbour - Castle Gardens.jpeg

The North Bridge

8. The North Bridge.jpeg

The North Bridge was how Bridgnorth came by its name, and is the only bridge over the river between Ironbridge and Bewdley. There has been a bridge in this location since the 12th century, and the current bridge was built in 1812 to a design by the engineer Thomas Telford. 

River Severn from Low Town

The River Severn runs through Bridgnorth, separating High Town and Low Town. This is the view from one of the Low Town banks. At 220 miles long, the River Severn is the longest river in England, starting in Wales and discharging into the Bristol Channel in Gloucestershire.

7. River Severn from Lowtown.jpeg

River Severn from Severnside

2. Riverside.jpg

This is the view from the opposite bank, a little further down. Severnside has some lovely 3 and 4 storey houses, built with possible in flooding in mind. They usually fair better than the older houses in Doctor's Lane. 

River Severn at the Bylet

The bylet is a mound of land which splits the river into two just south of the bridge. There has been a bowls club on the bylet since 1884 which floods occasionally. 

12. River Severn at bylet.jpeg

The Cartway

16. The Cartway.jpeg

The Cartway is an ancient road with some historic houses and a very welcoming traditional pub, The Black Boy. The Cartway is so called because it was the only road way for carts to be transported - apart from this, only the many sets of steps existed. A main road for cars around the edge of Bridgnorth has since been erected.

The Green, Friars Street

Friars Street is so called because an ancient monastery was located nearby - the remains of which still exist. Although you can't see the river in this view, it is just across the horizon, and there are benches where you can sit and admire the view.

11. The Green, Friars Street.jpg

Stoneway Steps

1. Stoneway Steps.JPG

One of the many sets of steps from Low Town to High Town. At the entrance to these steps, if you're not feeling energetic, you may take the funicular railway, which offers splendid views on the way up.  

The Dingle, Bramble Ridge

The Dingle leading to Bramble Ridge, a popular residential road, is a delightful wooded area.

14. Bramble Ridge Dingle.jpg

The War Memorial

5. War Memorial.jpeg

The War Memorial is in the centre of the Castle Gardens, and is where memorials are held, particularly for Remembrance Sunday. Over the fence is a great view of the Severn Valley Railway.

Castle Walk

You can walk around the edge of the Castle Gardens along Castle Walk and enjoy beautiful views of the town and river below. 

4. Castle Walk.JPG

Daniels Mill Footbridge

22. Daniels Mill footbridge.jpg

Turn your back on Daniels Mill and walk across the field, then you come to this little bridge across a gentle brook.  Beautiful for a walk in the summer months. 

Riverside - Winter Sun

Despite the bare trees, the river Severn always provides an attractive view.  This was painted during a rare sunny day in December 2020.

23. Riverside - Winter sunshine.jpeg

Snow in St Leonard's Square

25. Snow at St Leonards.jpeg

As well as St Mary's, the iconic church built by Thomas Telford, there is another large church at the other end of the town, St Leonard's.  This church originated in the 12th century.  A most attractive square surrounds it, with many ancient houses around its perimeter.  Painted in January 2021.

Times Past

The view through the ancient graveyard next to St Mary's Church, with the only remaining wall of Bridgnorth Castle in the background. The Castle was destroyed by the Parliamentarians in 1646, but this wall refused to go.  

26. Times Past.jpg